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OSU Organic Extension Faculty

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Nick Andrews 

Professor of Practice

Horticulture Organic vegetable production


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Nick Andrews joined OSU Extension in 2005. Since January 2020 he has served statewide as an Organic Vegetable Extension agent within the OSU Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems. Before 2005, Nick was an organic inspector with Oregon Tilth, orchard consultant in Hood River, and vegetable entomologist with the UK Extension Service. His work focuses on organic vegetable production, cover crops, nutrient management, crop modeling and insect pest management.

Shayan Ghajar

Assistant Professor of Practice

Crop & Soil Science Organic pasture & forage


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I focus on organic, transitioning, and low-input sustainable pasture and forage management for producers in Oregon. My past research has included integrating native grasses and forbs into horse and beef pasture systems as well as using proximal sensing technologies for pasture monitoring. Current interests include optimizing warm-season grazing options for Oregon; the potential use of handheld proximal sensing technologies in organic or low-input systems; and assessing the challenges faced by organic and low-input graziers with regards to pasture and forage management.

Brigid Meints

Assistant Professor (Senior Research)

Crop & Soil Science Organic grains & pulses


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Brigid joined as an Organic Grains and Pulses Extension Agent with the OSU Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems in December 2022. She is interested in weed and pest management, intercropping, and crop rotations.  Additionally, her research focuses on breeding multi-use naked barley for organic systems and early maturing dry beans for western Oregon. 



Other OSU faculty interested in working with organic farmers

Name Department Focus Contact Information

Kristie Buckland

Associate Professor, Vegetable and Specialty Seed Crop Specialist


Vegetables and specialty seeds


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Jenifer Cruickshank

Assistant Professor, Dairy Extension Specialist

Animal & Rangeland Science Dairy


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Brian Charlton

Director & Klamath Basin Potato Faculty Scholar

Crop & Soil Science

Potato Variety Development and Other Row Crops


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Lauren Gwin

Associate Professor; Director, Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems

Crop & Soil Science Farm and Food System Policy, Local and Regional Food Supply Chains, Community Food System Development


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David Hannaway

Professor and Forage Program Director

Crop & Soil Science Forage Species


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Rory McDonnell

Associate Professor

Crop & Soil Science Ecology of Invasive Slugs and Snails in Agriculture


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Ray Qin

Assistant Professor

Crop & Soil Science Oilseed and Fiber Crops Contact by email

Garry Stephenson

Professor Emeritus, Department of Crop & Soil Science; Founder, Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems Coordinator, Small Farms Program

Crop & Soil Science Small Scale Organic, Sustainable Agriculture and Local & Regional Food Systems


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Erica Chernoh

Assistant Professor (Practice), Berry Initiative 

Horticulture   Contact by email

Alice Formiga

Assistant Professor (Practice), eOrganic Director

Horticulture eOrganic Community of Practice


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Scott Lukas

Northwest Berry Production and Management Professor

Horticulture Physiology and Production Systems of Berry Crops Contact by email

Marcelo Moretti

Associate Professor

Horticulture weed management 


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Jim Myers

Professor, Vegetable Breeding and Genetics

Horticulture Vegetable Varieties


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Heidi Noordijk

Metro Small Farms Outreach Coordinator

Horticulture Climate Adaptation for Small-Scale Farmers, Winter Vegetable Production, Integrated Pest Management and Beginning Farmer Education Contact by email

Maud Powell

Associate Professor (Practice)



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Ramesh Sagili

Associate Professor-Apiculture



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Valtcho Jeliazkov

Associate Professor

Crop & Soil Science  


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Scott Duggan

Assistant Professor (Practice)

Animal & Rangeland Science  


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Clive Kaiser

Professor and Interim Director of HAREC



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Stuart Reitz

Professor and Director

Crop & Soil Science  


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Nik Wiman

Assistant Professor, Extension Specialist—Orchard Crops



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